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The body-shaping vest specifically designed to flatten the tummy, slim waist,

lift breasts, hide any excess fat and

improve posture.

Instashape is made with Redutech a soft, silk-like. A stretchy material that adapts perfectly to the body no matter size or shape.

How it works?

· It has no seams, zippers, or clasps.

Completely invisible under clothes and extra comfortable. · Hide excess belly and back fat, look up to 2 sizes smaller and 10 pounds thinner.

· Lift and shape your breasts.

· It has a reinforced section to help achieve that beautiful hour-glass shape It lifts, shapes.

· Hides any excess fat or skin around the breasts, under the arms and of course, on the back.

· Instashape it’s designed to define the bustline with the support band.




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